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Artwork Review
1975 Born in Chengdu, Sichuan

1995 Graduated from the Affiliated High School of Fine Arts and entered the oil painting department of Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts

1999 Bachelor’s degree from the oil painting department of Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts

2002 Master’s degree from the oil painting department of Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts and began to teach in Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts

Current Now working in Art College of Sichuan University
Solo Exhibitions
2009 Angel in City, Xiong Yu’s Solo Exhibition, PIFO New Art Gallery, Beijing, China

  Shadow Castle, Xiong Yu’s Individual Works Exhibition, Art Musuem of Sichuan University, Chengdu, China

2008 Tarot, Chinablue Gallery, Beijing, China

2006 Runnning on Tranquilly, Chinablue Gallery, Beijing, China

2004 Warm Wings, Yanhuang Gallery, Beijing, China

2003 Pool of Light, Yanhuang Gallery, Beijing, China
Selected Group Exhibitions


2009 The Big World, Recent Work from China, Chicago Cultural Centre, Chicago, USA

  The 10th Havana Biennial, Havana, Cuba

  Corresponding- Nanjing & Chengdu, Qinghe Current Art Centre, Nanjing, China

  Chongqing Benniale for the Young Arttists, Chongqing International Exhibition Centre, Chongqing, China

  30 Years on the Scene-The Oil Painting Exhibition of Sichuan Fine Arts Academy, Tokyo, Japan

2008 China:Construction/Deconstruction---Chinese Contemporary Art, MASP, St. Paul, Brazil

  GIGE2008MAPPING ASIA: 33 Young Asian Artists, China International Trade Centre, Beijing, China

  the Third A+A, PIFO New Art Gallery/ Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art, Bejing/ Shanghai, China

2007 Chinablue in Berlin, Berlin Art Center, Berlin, Germany

  New Youth Oil Painting, Jianghan University Art Museum, Wuhan, China

  The Second A+A, Chongqing Art Museum/ Sichuang University Art Museum/ Chinese Central Academy Art Exhibition Hall/ 798 And Art Lab, Beijing, China

  A Retrospective of the Sichuan School from 1976-2006: Rural Modernity to Urban Utopia, Sino-Foreign Art Gallery, Beijing, China

  Human Ability, Hagozae Art Centre, Seoul, Korea

2006 The Picture of Variation, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai, China

  The Self-made Generation—A Retrospective of New Chinese Painting 2005, Beijing, China

2005 Grounding Realities—Chinese Contemporary art, Seoul Art Centre, Seoul, Korea

  Next Stop: Cartoons?, Beijing/ Shanghai/ Shenzhen/ Chongqing, China

  The Game of Being Low and Shallow—the Rising of the Cartoon Generation, Hanmo Art Gallery, Beijing, China

  Artists of the 70s—the Chinese Generation Changed by the Market, Shanghai/ Beijing, China

2004 Embracing the New Century—the Third Chinese National Exhibition of Oil Paintings, Beijing/ Chengdu, China

  Turn Around—the First Contemporary Artists Annual Invitation Exhibition 2003, Chongqing, China

  New Generation and Post-revolution, Beijing, China

2003 Ideal of New Generation, Chinese New Generation Artists Award Exhibition, He Ningxiang Art Museum, Shenzhen, China

  Living in Chengdu—Invitation Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Oil Painting, Chengdu/ Shenzhen, China

2002 National Fine Arts Academy Exhibition of Outstanding Works by Master’s Graduates in Oil Painting, Guangzhou, China

2001 Chilis AUS Chongqing, Kassel, Germany

  Study and Surmount—Chinese Small Format Oil Painting, Beijing, China

2000 the Ninth National Art Exhibition of Chongqing, Chongqing, China

1999 View 99 Artwork Exhibition, Chongqing, China

1998 Thoughtfulness—Photographic Exhibition, Chongqing/ Kunming, China

1997 Moving towards A New Century—Oil Painting of Chinese Youth, Shenzhen/ Beijing/ Chongqing, China

  COLLECTIONS: MASP,Shenzhen Art Museum,He Xiangning Art Museum